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Selected publications

Decreasing diversity-disturbance relationships in neutral communities

Francisca Soares dos Santos, Karin Johst, Volker Grimm (2011) Neutral communities may lead to decreasing diversity-disturbance relationships: insights from a generic simulation model. Ecology Letters 14: 653-660 original article

Fungal networks may help bacteria to overcome heterogeneities

Banitz T, Wick LY, Fetzer I, Frank K, Harms H, Johst K (2011) Dispersal networks for enhancing bacterial degradation in heterogeneous environments. Environmental Pollution (in press). original article

stochastic simulation
How to connect stochastic simulation models to data with Bayesian statistics

Hartig, F.; Calabrese, J. M.; Reineking, B.; Wiegand, T. & Huth, A. (2011) Statistical inference for stochastic simulation models - theory and application. Ecology Letters, 14, 816-827. original article

What enables coexistence in plant communities?

Dislich, C., Johst, K., Huth, A. (2010): What enables coexistence in plant communities? Weak versus strong species traits and the role of local processes. Ecol.Modell. 221 (19), 2227-2236 original article

The ODD protocol: A review and first update

Grimm, V., Berger, U., DeAngelis, D. L., Polhill, J. G., Giske, J., Railsback, S. F. (2010): The ODD protocol: A review and first update. Ecol.Modell. 221 (23), 2760-2768 original article

Tropical forests affected by habitat fragmentation store less biomass and carbon dioxide in the long term - Conserving continuous forests is important for mitigation of climate change

J. Groeneveld, L.F. Alves, L.C. Bernacci, E.L.M. Catharino, C. Knogge, J.P. Metzger, S. Pütz, A. Huth (2009): The impact of fragmentation and density regulation on forest succession in the Atlantic rain forest. Ecological Modelling 220 (19), 2450-2459. original article press release

A new method for measuring the impacts of species on local biodiversity

Wiegand, T, C.V.S. Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N. Gunatilleke, and A. Huth. 2007. How single species increase local diversity in tropical forests. PNAS 104:19029–19033. original article

Connectivity dependent payments help to control landscape structure

Florian Hartig & Martin Drechsler. 2009. Smart spatial incentives for market-based conservation. Biological Conservation April, Volume 142, Number 4, Pages 779-788. original article

Spatially correlated disturbances facilitate coexistence

Banitz, T., Huth, A., Grimm, V., Johst, K. (2008): Clumped versus scattered: how does the spatial correlation of disturbance events affect biodiversity? Theor.Ecol. 1 (4), 231-240 original article

Spatial patterns of tropical tree species retain little signature of species interactions

Wiegand, T, S. Gunatilleke, and N. Gunatilleke. 2007. Species associations in a heterogeneous Sri Lankan Dipterocarp forest. The American Naturalist 170 E77–E95. original article

Ecosystem Oceanography for global change in fisheries.

Cury, P. M., Shin, Y.-J., Planque, B., Durant, J. M., Fromentin, J.-M., Kramer-Schadt, S., Stenseth, N. C., Travers, M., Grimm, V. (2008): Ecosystem oceanography for global change in fisheries. Trends Ecol.Evol. 23 (6), 338-346 original article