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Reference Category Edited journals
Title (Primary) Species survival in fragmented landscapes: where are we now?
Publisher Henle, K.; Lindenmayer, D.B.; Margules, C.R.; Saunders, D.A.; Wissel, C.
Journal Biodiversity and Conservation
Year 2004
Department OESA; NSF
Volume 13
Issue 1
Page To 290
Language englisch
Keywords Extinction; Habitat fragmentation; Habitat loss; Population viability analysis; Research directions
Abstract We present a brief introduction to current attempts to understand and mitigate the effects of fragmentation on species survival. We provide a short overview of the contributions of empiricists, modellers, and practitioners in this issue of Biodiversity and Conservation, which were initiated during a workshop held in Australia in February 2002 on the topic ‘Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes: Where are we now?’. These contributions address the themes ‘uncertainty in research and management’, ‘tools for quantifying risk and predicting species sensitivity to fragmentation’, and ‘tools for reassembling fragmented landscapes’. A final contribution provides a synthesis across the contributions and highlights the most important areas for future research on species survival in fragmented landscapes.
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Henle, K., Lindenmayer, D.B., Margules, C.R., Saunders, D.A., Wissel, C. (eds., 2004):
Species survival in fragmented landscapes: where are we now?
Biodivers. Conserv. 13 (1), 290