Jobs and PhD positions

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Technical assistant (m/f/x)
This project aims to investigate the metabolic dynamics at the subcellular level. Within the project, the technical assistant will join an international team of young and dynamic scientists with expertise in metabolism, physics, material science and chemical imaging.

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m/x)
We are offering a Postdoctoral position in the UFZ department of Physiological Diversity, which is also a core group at, the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research located in Leipzig Germany.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Scientist Analytical Chemistry (f/m/x)
We are looking for a scientific assistant (d/m/w) to carry out the planned project with the analysis of biogenic volatile organic compounds (isoprene, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and selected active substances) at forest sites using thermodesorption gas chromatography mass spectrometry and sensor techniques, in this case ion mobility spectrometry.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Researcher (f/m/x) at the Department of Environmental Biotechnology
Within the FINEST project, a doctoral position is available for the sub-project MICROPLASTICS, which will address the bacterial conversion of synthetic polymer (plastics) fractions of fine-grained residues (microplastics) to yield valuable products and/or inert residues for safe deposition. In the PhD project, innovative bacterial biocatalysts acting on polymers and/or polymer additives will be isolated and characterised with respect to their catalytic performance. Bacterial strains to be newly isolated from soils taken from sites rich in brittle plastic waste, and already available bacterial strains will be investigated. Bacteria will be characterised physiologically, biochemically and genomically. The identification of biochemical tools the bacteria use for plastic degradation will be carried out with pure model polymers. Later, the behaviour with organic (polymer) fractions of real shredder fines will be tested in degradation experiments.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD position (m/f/x) Non-invasive Monitoring and Control of Microplastic Degradation
Within the framework of the Helmholtz sustainability challenge "FINEST - Use and management of finest particulate anthropogenic material flows in a sustainable circular economy" we are looking for a highly motivated PhD student for research and development work on enzymatic degradation of microplastics.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig PhD Researcher (f/m/x)
About QTOX
Chemical risk assessment typically involves extrapolation of effects observed in-vitro and in-vivo under laboratory conditions to predictions of effects at the ecosystem level. This is a very challenging task and current extrapolation models have limitations, notably due to a number of ecological processes that are disregarded by the models and the paucity of data for parameterisation and validation. QTOX will develop mechanistic knowledge and data-efficient modelling tools to bridge the gap between standard toxicity data (typically acute effects of single chemicals) and ecologically relevant endpoints arising from chronic, time variable exposures to chemical mixtures. The results will be achieved through an interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training program in which 10 doctoral candidates will characterise the mechanistic processes describing the successive events from exposure to ecosystem-level effects and develop models for extrapolation of adverse effects across levels of biological organization under environmentally realistic conditions. Notably, the effects of chemical mixtures, dynamic exposure conditions, and their interaction with climate change scenarios will be characterised in a series of mesocosm experiments at three sites in central and southern Europe. The mesocosm work will serve as a uniting training element and a rich source of data for testing and validating the modelling framework. QTOX will produce an open access toolbox for quantitative extrapolations in ecotoxicology and a cohort of researchers equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and develop rigorous approaches for predicting adverse effects of chemicals.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Magdeburg Ph.D. student (m/f/x) in freshwater ecology
The capacity of freshwater resources to maintain biodiversity and provide essential ecosystem functions has been exceeded in many places following human impacts.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master Thesis
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master Thesis in Research Data Management
The team Research Data Management (RDM) is offering to supervise master thesis in the field of research data management.

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