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Jobs and PhDs

Closing date for applications:  • Location: Halle Post-Doc (m/f) in „Hydrological conceptualization in data scarce regions“
The uncertainty of hydro(geo)logical predictions strongly depends on observation data to derive process understanding, to set up a model structure and to calibrate and validate model parameters. However, what to do in data scarce regions? Particular in semi-arid and arid regions available observation data is too limited to use traditional model structures or calibration and validation methods. Innovative new approaches have to be developed, e.g. by using soft data or the combination of different data types, new process conceptualizations and modelling avenues or the development of new calibration/validation strategies. We are looking for a motivated young researcher who is interested in building-up and leading a research group in this topic.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Scientist – Near-natural (waste)water treatment technologies (m/f)
The UFZ has obtained a prominent position within the field of near-natural water treatment technologies such as constructed wetlands. In light of the upcoming restructuring of municipal wastewater treatment processes and water cycles, ample career opportunities exist for a young ambitious biotechnologist/environmental engineer. You should be interested in developing your ideas and expertise in the field of technical use of microbial processes in order to take over a respective working group and to gain qualification for academic tenure track positions.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master Thesis (m/f)
Bridging the identity and metabolic activity of single cells using SIMS imaging and DNA sequencing
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master Thesis - Characterizing (cyano) bacterial heterogeneity and basic physiological parameters
Sustainable and ecological processes for the production of food, chemicals, and fuels are of outstanding interest in times of increasing population, limitation of fossil resources and climate change. Biological engineering can contribute to address those issues. Plants and microorganisms can be designed to produce a variety of interesting compounds for the synthesis of fine chemicals and biofuels from biological and renewable resources.
Closing date for applications:  • Location: Leipzig Master Thesis (m/f)
Master Thesis - Bending the boundaries: towards single cell mass spectrometry