Environmental (bio)analytics instrumentation

CitePro-Plattform © Sebastian Wiedling / UFZ
CITEPro - Chemicals in the Environmental Profiler

CITEPro provides a platform for high-throughput sample preparation for large numbers of chemicals and environmental samples.

LSI - Laboratories for Stable Isotopes

LSI are an association of UFZ research laboratories that build on a long-standing expertise in the analysis of stable isotope.

Proteomics-Labor © André Künzelmann_UFZ

Platforms for metabolomics and proteomics analysis through mass spectroscopy as well as a platform for proteomic analysis.

ProVIS © André Künzelmann / UFZ
ProVIS - Visualisation biochemical processes

ProVIS provides a unique pool of scientific equipment combining imaging technologies with methods for chemical analysis to study biochemical processes at the cellular level.