Proteomics lab. Foto: Andre Künzelmann / UFZ

ProMetheus- Metabolomics & Proteomics

ProMetheus- Platform for metabolomics analysis

Prometheus is a platform that summarises the application of techniques and methods used to analyse functional relationships at the molecular level using mass spectrometry. Our mission is to adapt methods to new research questions and to apply them within the framework of scientific collaborations. We analyse the effects of chemicals on cells (eukaryotic and prokaryotic), model systems (mouse, rat, bee, in vitro bioreactors) and humans. In particular, the focus is on the elucidation of microbiome-host interactions, which can play a decisive role in the development of functional disorders as the basis for the development of diseases.

Prometheus platform for analysing the metabolome
Both targeted (quantification of known analytes) and non-targeted metabolomics (metabolic profiling, fingerprinting) are used to analyse phenotypic differences at the metabolomic level. A broad portfolio of mass spectrometers is available for this purpose. These include 3 LC-MS-MS systems (Q-Traps, SCIEX), 2 GC-MS systems and a QToF system (Agilent) as well as an Orbitrap IDX mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher).

Prometheus platform for analysing the proteome
Global proteomics using label-free and label-based quantification is used to investigate phenotypic differences at the proteome level. Two QExactives and an Exploris240 (Thermo Fisher) are available for this purpose.

Project-related metabolomics service

- Research and further development of targeted methods in the field of targeted metabolomics to supplement the existing portfolio:

  • targeted metabolomic profiling (500 metabolites)
  • investigation of central carbon metabolism
  • analysis of amino acids and biogenic amines
  • determination of short-chain fatty acids
  • bile acid analysis
  • isotope kinetics
- Further development and quality assurance of non-targeted analyses

ProMetheus platform

Project related proteomic service

  • Global proteomics (LFQ, TMT)
  • Posttranslational modifications (Phosphorylation, Acetylation)
  • Protein-based stabile isotope probing (Protein-SIP)

    ProMetheus platform