Umweltbilgung UFZ / Grafik Lena Voss

Environmental Education

Communicating sustainability, making environmental topics comprehensible, providing insights into modern environmental research and generating enthusiasm for it are just a few of the cornerstones of our environmental education at the UFZ.

We operate at regional, national and international level: UFZ has a teaching lab , is involved in the Junior Engineer Academy Joint Project Leipzig , offers further education for teachers at schools and is establishing an educational platform on environmental topics and sustainability.

This website gives you an overview on all of these topics.

"Experimente für Zuhause" - Teaching Lab brochure of the Helmholtz Association (in German)

  • Simple experiments
  • Information on the network
  • Overview of the teaching labs

    UFZ teaching lab (in German)

Offers at the UFZ

Logo Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr Voluntary ecological year (FÖJ)

For adolescents there is the opportunity to complete a voluntary ecological year at the UFZ after school.