Press releases

 • press release Studying grassland from space
UFZ researchers develop a method with which they can utilise satellite data and artificial intelligence to determine the land-use intensity of meadows and pastures
 • press release Healthy development thanks to older siblings
If expectant mothers are exposed to stress their child can develop behavioural problems - but this is less often the case for children with siblings
 • press release Loops for micro-organisms
A UFZ team develops a method of cultivating microbial communities in a permanently stable manner
 • press release ItÂ’s the pore that counts
The spatial distribution of pores helps determine where carbon is stored in the soil
 • press release Survey of pollinators
The SPRING project is helping to establish an EU-wide monitoring system for pollinators
 • press release Two extremes at the same time
Precipitation trends determine how often droughts and heat waves will occur together