Technology-oriented infrastructure

The UFZ operates two platforms for researching and developing technologies that help to minimise the effects of climate change and shape a sustainable future.

The UFZ Research Green Roof provides interdisciplinary answers to current questions on the optimised use of water in terms of heavy rainfall prevention and microclimate influence, particularly in urban areas, and thus contributes to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our cities. Other focal points of green roof research are the investigation of biodiversity aspects, also with regard to the degradation of pollutants by the organisms found there.

The Biotechnikum - Bioreactor technology supports the development of white biotechnology bioprocesses for use in industry and the environment, which are suitable as building blocks for a future sustainable circular economy. It has modern bioreactor technology for cultivating microorganisms and allows to resize environmentally friendly bioprocesses to industrially relevant scales.

Biotechnikum © André Künzelmann / UFZ
Biotechnikum - Bioreactor technology

The Biotechnikum utilises modern bioreactor technology for cultivating a wide variety of microorganisms.

Forschungsgründach. Foto: UFZ
Research Green Roof

The Research Green Roof is used to investigate the optimised use of water in urban settings.