Research Green Roof UFZ. Photo: UFZ

Research Green Roof

The UFZ Research Green Roof contributes to the interdisciplinary answering of current questions on the optimised effect of green roofs in urban areas. The focus of research on the research green roof is on upgrading urban green roofs for rainwater management and improving inner-city microclimates. The infrastructure is located on building 7.1 and consists of four roof segments, each with an area of approximately 80 m2: an extensive green roof, a simple intensive green roof, a wetland roof and a gravel area that serves as a reference. All roof segments were equipped with the necessary measuring technology for balancing rainwater and energies.

The following research questions are currently being explored:

  • How can different green roof types be used for rainwater and microclimate management?
  • What influence do green roofs have on urban biodiversity?
  • Can green roofs serve as a sink for urban pollutants?

Service and offer

  • The UFZ Research Green Roof can be used for demonstration purposes for various stakeholder groups such as municipal administrations (including building & environment), as well as urban planners, but also students of relevant courses of study.
  • New questions on the multifunctional use of urban green roofs are welcome. Get in touch with us!

    UFZ Research Green Roof