Our research is organised into six research units and 37 departments. Our research focusses on the terrestrial environment. We conduct integrative research in response to the close interdependencies and high complexity of land use and climate change, growing food and energy demand and biodiversity loss, and provide knowledge for action. We make important contributions to the research program "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future" of the Helmholtz Research Field "Earth and Environment" - from basic research to application.

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Helmholtz Research Program

„Changing Earth – Sustaining our Future“

In the Helmholtz research field "Earth and Environment", seven centres work under the umbrella of the joint research programme

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Research Units

Policy and Society
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Research Unit
Environment and Society
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Research Unit
Ecosystems of the Future
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Research Unit
Water Resources & Environment
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Research Unit
Chemicals in the Environment
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Research Unit
Sustainable Ecotechnologies
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Research Unit
Smart Models / Monitoring
Grand Challenges / Global Change
climate change, land use change, demographical change
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Projects (Third-party funds)

Fließwasserlabor MOBICOS. Foto: André Künzelmann / UFZ

Research is conducted in over 290 third-party funded projects, with national and international partners from science, politics, economics and society. Here you will find a database of our third-party funded projects.

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