Accessibility at the UFZ

Diversity and equal opportunities are important to the UFZ. Not only because an inclusive and diversity-oriented organizational culture is crucial for good and successful work. But mainly because we want to assume social responsibility with such a culture.

Accessibility is a constitutive component of a diversity-oriented organizational culture and thus the goal of our work.

The term "low-barrier" is to clarify that we cannot yet speak of barrier-free access despite the measures we have taken.

Action Plan Accessibility

Physical Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible ascent, Image: UFZ

Applications from people with disabilities

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Legal basis

The issue of accessibility is enshrined in law at various levels. For the UFZ, the Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (BGG) of 2018 and its extension to the topic of low-barrier information technology (BITV 2.0) of 2019 are particularly relevant. Although the law does not impose a direct application obligation on the Helmholtz centres, we at the UFZ are nonetheless striving for a minimum standard for the design of low-barrier information technology (e.g. websites).


BITV 2.0: (German version)