Diversity Charter

Since July 2022, the UFZ has been one of the signatories of the Diversity Charter.
Logo Charta der Vielfalt

Diversity Charter

With its signature, the UFZ commits itself to:

1. cultivating an organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation.

2. to review its human resources processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees as well as its performance aspirations.

3. to recognize diversity within and outside the organization, to value the potential it contains and to use it profitably for the company or institution.

4. to make the contents of the charter the subject of internal and external dialog.

5. to report publicly on its activities and progress in promoting diversity and appreciation on an annual basis.

6. to inform its workforce about the added value of diversity and to involve them in the implementation of the Charter.

For more information, visit the Diversity Charter website.

As UFZ employees you are welcome to use the logo, e.g. in your e-mail signature and in official presentations, posters, websites, and communication.

Please note the guide on using the logo (currently only in German language)
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Foto GF Unterzeichnung
The Executive Management at the signing of the charter.