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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

The diversity of people and their perspectives is a resource and strength, their inclusion is a demand and a matter of course for the UFZ.

The goal of our work is to further develop the UFZ into an inclusive and diversity-sensitive organization in its structures, its lived culture, and in the perception of its employees and partners.

"Hatred and marginalisation [...] create fear of discrimination and stifle innovation. We call on people inside and outside our research institutions to defend the fundamental values of democracy at all times and to take a stand against right-wing extremism."

Leipzig Declaration

UFZ as a part of the Leipzig Science Network

"[A]s a research institution [we] take a clear stand for openness and tolerance and [...] take a public stance against discrimination, anti-Semitism and racism."

Standing up for the fundamental values of our democracy

Prof. Dr. Rolf Altenburger, Scientific Managing Director
Dr. Sabine König, Administrative Managing Director

"At UFZ and beyond we are committed to a society in which all people - regardless of their social, ethnic and cultural origin, gender and religion, mental and physical abilities, age and sexual orientation - treat each other respectfully and without fear."

For diversity, open-mindedness, tolerance, and democracy.

Prof. Dr. Georg Teutsch, Scientific Managing Director
Dr. Sabine König, Administrative Managing Director
Prof. Dr. Katja Bühler, Chairwoman of Scientific and Technical Council

Grafik Diversity & Inclusion
We understand diversity as the multitude of perspectives and abilities that arise from unique backgrounds, individual experiences and personal characteristics.

For us, inclusion is the active shaping of our organization to consider all persons and to ensure equal opportunities for influence, participation, and individual development.

Symbol Diversity Management

Constructive and appreciative approach to diversity

The multitude of perspectives, approaches, experiences, skills and points of view is a prerequisite for creativity, quality and originality which we value and target. At once, living and working with diversity is a challenge and needs support, education, orientation and guidance in order to create working environments in which everyone wants to and is able to contribute their skills in the best possible way.

Symbol Diskriminierungsfreiheit

Freedom from discriminiation as principle

All people must be protected from discrimination. We are committed to ensuring the equal participation and development of all and to preventing discrimination or exclusion based on personal characteristics or social, cultural or societal backgrounds by all means, so that we can live together equitably, respectfully, and free of fear.

Foundation: General Act on Equal Treatment


Symbol Barrierefreiheit

Access for all

Access to information and the opportunity to participate in research and science are equally important for all people. Therefore, we aim to design our environment in a way that as many people as possible, regardless of their abilities, have the opportunity to access information and participate in the research process.

Website: Accessibility at UFZ

Action Plan for the Inclusion of people with disabilities at UFZ


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Symbol Gute Wissenschaftliche Praxis

Scientific probity as principle

Equal opportunities, freedom from discrimination, the integrity of those involved in research, and the examination of the significance of gender and diversity in the research design are fundamental components of the DFG's Codex and the UFZ's Guideline on Good Scientific Practice.

Website: Good Scientific Practice at the UFZ

Code of Conduct of the German Research Foundation (DFG): Code of Conduct


Symbol Internationalität

Welcome to Germany

The International Office offers a comprehensive service of individual and organizational advice, information, active support, and networking to facilitate the onboarding and integration of colleagues coming to the UFZ from abroad.

Website: International Office


Symbol Gleichstellung

Equal chances for women and men

The Equal Opportunities Officer promotes and monitors the equality between women and men as well as the elimination of existing and the prevention of future gender discrimination at the UFZ.

Website: Equal opportunities officer


    Equal opportunities officer:

Symbol Vereinbarkeit

Challenge of reconcilableness

At the UFZ, we live a broad understanding of family which encompass not only employees with children but also their relatives in need of care and the social environment. The multiple burdens of employees with care responsibilities are recognized and acknowledged. Our task is to ensure conditions that facilitate the reconcilableness of work-related and care-related requirements and needs.            

Website: Reconcilableness of care work and paid work


Symbol Diversity in der Forschung

Dimensions of diversity enrich research

The integrated analysis of gender and diversity dimensions has great potential to enhance the quality and originality of research findings. Depending on the research context, topic and method, the implications for planning, implementation, and results of a research project vary.

DFG reflection catalogue: Checklist

Pool of methods on Gendered Innovations: Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment

Further reading: How Inclusive Analysis Contributes to Research and Innovation Springer Nature Sensitivity Reading Guide