International students at UFZ. Photo: UFZ

International Café     

Come to our "International Café" and meet people from different countries and regions (including Germany!). We want to establish an international network at UFZ and are looking for people who share ideas for nice events.

Starting from May 2015 we already carried out several events:

Activities in 2015/2016

Activities in 2017/2018
Activities in 2019

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Planned activities in 2020: are unfortunately cancelled due to the Corona situation. We will update you as soon as events will be possible again.


    • Feb. 27th at 5:00 pm: Excursion to the Museum of Natural History in Leipzig (guided by Dr. R.M. Leder/director of the museum)
    • Reading or Presentation about Diversity


    • Regional Afternoon: the scientific landscape in Latin-America
    • Boat trip or guided city tour
    • Summer BBQ


    • Excursion to the Saxonian Mountains (Sächsische Schweiz)
    • Free walking tour to the big monument of Leipzig (Völkerschlachtdenkmal)


    • International Christmas party

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