UFZ Diversity Lectures

The UFZ DEI Lecture series provide insights into key topics relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


01.12.2023 Sexualized Discrimination in the Context of Science
Speaker: Dr. Clemens Striebing

Sexualized discrimination in its manifold manifestations does not stop at the scientific community. In order to effectively counteract discrimination and prevent it in the future, we first need clarity: What is the extent of sexualized discrimination in the context of science? What is involved and where does discrimination begin? Which manifestations are typical for the scientific context? How do we create the impression that we do not have this problem? What role do existing or missing reporting possibilities, (personal) dependencies and uncertainties play in preventing and combating sexualized discrimination? What can you do as an affected person, a bystander, an organization or an unwitting perpetrator?

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Dealing with sexualized discrimination can evoke unpleasant memories and unwanted feelings. Unfortunately, our team is not professionally trained in this regard. Here you can find professional help:

Download: Contact points for affected persons
Dealing with Conflicts at UFZ
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Clemens Striebing Dr. Clemens Striebing
Clemens Striebing is Senior Researcher focusing on organizational research at the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) of Fraunhofer IAO in Germany. He studied political science and public law and holds a PhD in organizational sociology. At Fraunhofer CeRRI, he works, among others, on diversity and discrimination in the innovation system. Clemens teaches demand-oriented and diversity-sensitive innovation development at the TU Berlin.
06.06.2023 BIAS Film Screening and Discussion
Robin Hauser (director and producer), Dr. Stephen James (Washington State University), Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche (University of Leipzig) and Anna Becker (University of Leipzig)

They will engage the audience in conversation about unconscious bias. The 55-minute documentary film, "Bias," is about biases that define our lives and are found in a wide variety of settings - in our personal lives, in the workplace, in law enforcement, and in the military.

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22.05.2023 Men and Masculinities - Change & Chance
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jeff Hearn

The high cost of our current image of men makes other forms of "being a man" increasingly important - not only for women, queer people, society and science, but also for men themselves.
With this lecture, we want to raise awareness of the far-reaching significance of the image of men, strengthen the diversity of masculinity and thus ultimately promote the full development of one´s own potential.

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Masculinity and gender equality

Jeff Hearn Jeff Hearn

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jeff Hearn has a long history of social science research on masculinities, with > 800 publications and several professorships. Among other things, he served as an expert for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1999 and as a member of a UNICEF expert group from 2001 to 2004.

08.03.2023 The dependence of women
Speaker: Dr. Meike Stoverock

March 08, 2023, has the motto: "Embrace Equity" and calls for a world without stereotypes and discrimination - an equal world.

The lecture highlights the gender-biased system of our patriarchal society. It also highlights the resulting dependency or keeping women dependent due to the system. However, the lecture also shows what possibilities we have as a community, as individuals, and as a research institution to counter the gender-distorting system.

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Photo: Meike Stoverock The speaker Meike Stoverock is a biologist who studied in Hamburg, earned her doctorate in Hanover, and now works as an author and blogger in Berlin. In February 2021, her book "Female Choice - On the Beginning and End of Male Civilization" was published by Tropen-Verlag.
06.05.2022 Structural racism in science
Speaker: Nursemin Sönmez

The lecture highlights the causes and manifestations of individual, institutional and structural racism in everyday life and in the workplace, especially in educational and research institutes. The lecture also shows the possibilities we have as a community, as individuals and as a research institute to counter the different forms of racism.

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Foto: Nursemin Sönmez. Nursemin Sönmez is a systemic organizational consultant and diversity trainer. She brings many years of experience in working with universities, political foundations and educational institutions. Her presentation is intended as an impulse for a stronger exchange and structural implementation of a discrimination-free environment in research institutions.
07.03.2022 Women and Money
Speaker: Dr. Ulrike Spangenberg

The lecture illustrates the role of money regarding a women's independence and their position in our society. It shows how structural issues interact with individual decisions which lead to the unequal distribution of income and assets.

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Dr. Ulrike Spangenberg, Foto: Jens Gyarmaty Foto: Jens Gyarmaty Dr. Ulrike Spangenberg, lawyer, has worked for many years as a freelance researcher, consultant and lecturer on equality and anti-discrimination law issues for trade unions, political parties, municipalities, universities and civil society. Her main fields of work are tax and financial policy, old-age provision in particular and social policy in general. She has published extensively on the taxation of marriage and civil partnerships and on gender relations in tax law. During her PhD, she dealt with the topic of indirect discrimination in income tax law using the example of the taxation of supplemental old-age provision.