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Reference Category Journals
DOI 10.1080/10256016.2018.1491570
Title (Primary) Hans Faust: 90th birthday
Author Bornhak, H.; Jung, K.; Junghans, P.; Krumbiegel, P.; Reinhardt, R.; Russow, R.; Winkler, E.
Journal Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
Year 2018
Volume 54
Issue 6
Page From 559
Page To 560
Language englisch
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Bornhak, H., Jung, K., Junghans, P., Krumbiegel, P., Reinhardt, R., Russow, R., Winkler, E. (2018):
Hans Faust: 90th birthday
Isot. Environ. Health Stud. 54 (6), 559 - 560