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DOI 10.1016/j.baae.2006.11.002
Title (Primary) Seed transfer among bird-dispersed trees and its consequences for post-dispersal seed fate
Author García, D.; Martínez, I.; Obeso, J.R.
Journal Basic and Applied Ecology
Year 2007
Department OESA
Volume 8
Issue 6
Page From 533
Page To 543
Language englisch
Abstract We investigated seed transfer, i.e. the seed movement away from a source canopy to areas beneath heterospecific canopies, among the ornithochorous tree species Taxus baccata, Ilex aquifoliurn and Crataegus monogyna in temperate secondary forests in NW Spain, by analysing the composition of multispecific seed rain beneath the canopy of each species, at four sites and for 2 years. To evaluate the consequences on seed fate, we estimated predation by rodents in manipulated seed rains, representing variable levels of relative proportion and total density for combinations of a preferred species paired with a less-preferred species. Seed rain under Taxus canopies was dominated by Taxus seeds, which occurred in low proportion under heterospecific canopies. Ilex seeds dominated the areas under llex but accounted for 20-40% of seeds under heterospecific trees. Crataegus seeds were not dominant in any of the microhabitats. The probability of being deposited beneath a heterospecific canopy was much higher for llex and Crataegus than for Taxus. The effects of seed rain composition on post-dispersal seed predation were species-specific. Taxus seeds experienced lower predation when occurring in a background of seeds dominated by heterospecific, Ilex or Crataegus, seeds. Crataegus seeds escaped predation more successfully in high-density patches, independently of seed clump composition. Predation on Ilex seeds was independent to both the density and the composition of seed clump. Seed transfer among heterospecific tree species may contribute to shape the template of propagule abundances from which forest wilt develop, by generating seed combinations favourable to escape from predation. (C) 2006 Gesellschaft fur Okologie. Published by Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved
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García, D., Martínez, I., Obeso, J.R. (2007):
Seed transfer among bird-dispersed trees and its consequences for post-dispersal seed fate
Basic Appl. Ecol. 8 (6), 533 - 543