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The Library collects and compiles specialist literature that is relevant for the UFZ. The print collections are located in the UFZ-libraries in Leipzig, Halle and Magdeburg. We offer general consultation on all aspects of literature search or administration, bibliometrics and Open Access. The print collections can be found in the branches in Leipzig, Halle and Magdeburg.

Please note:
Because of our UFZ Summer Celebration the library in Leipzig will be closed at 3 p.m.

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This is our new category. In each month we will point out some issues of our library homepage wich should be from higher interest for you.

In August/September: the fifty most cited UFZ publications from Web of Science:

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Exhibitions in the UFZ libraries in Leipzig and Magdeburg


15. HEL - Helmholtz Environmental Lecture:
"The economic opportunities of a smart energy transition"

Accompanying the next Helmholtz Environmental Lecture, which will take place on June 7, 2017, under the title "The Economic Opportunities of a Smart energy transition", we will present our new exhibition of the speaker, Prof. Dr. Claudia Kempfert.
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Soon you will be able to explore the new exhibition in Magdeburg.

Advice for users

On the UFZ library sites you find information and services for external and internal users (employees of the UFZ). Internal services are labelled by "intern".

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