UFZ-Fliessrinnen-Experiment, Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ


Our environmental research in the three Core Subjects Land use/Biodiversity/Renewable Energies, Water/Soil and Chemicals in the Environment/Health as well as the two Cross-Sectional Competences Modelling/Monitoring and Social Sciences respond to societal challenges in times of global change: climate change, land-use change, demographic change and an increasing demand for food and energy.

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Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ

Climate research

Climate change has serious implications for the environment and our health. Research on climate change is therefore a running theme throughout all key research topics at the UFZ.

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DESERVE-Projekt, Dead Sea, Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ


Research is conducted in over 200 projects, with national and international partners from science, politics, economics and society. Here you will find a database of our projects from third-party-funded projects.

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TERENO-Wald-Klima-Observatorium, Messungen, Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ

Environmental observatories

Observatories and experiments are indispensable in environmental research, if we are to observe the impacts of land-use change and climate change.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

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The UFZ generates sound knowledge, technological solutions and courses of action for decision-makers. An integral part of environmental research is the transfer of knowledge and technologies to society and commerce.

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