Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The transfer of knowledge and technologies to society and business is an integral part of our activities and mission at the UFZ. In this way, we make an important contribution to societal, environmental and economic sustainability.

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Technology Transfer at the UFZ » develop new technologies and business areas together with partners, initiate business areas, close value chains and implement transfer projects

Knowledge Transfer at the UFZ » map out knowledge and develop solutions with citizens and decision-makers from business, politics and civil society

Environmental Education at the UFZ » make environmental issues easy to understand, give insights into modern environmental research, create enthusiasm and support responsible behaviour

Citizen Science projects at the UFZ » involve interested citizens in modern environmental research and generate acceptance

Innovative Minds for Partnering

Dr. Anett Georgi ©UFZ
Dr. Anett Georgi, PFAS remediation
Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Goss ©UFZ
Prof. Kai Uwe Goss,
Predicting toxicity
Prof. Dr. Falk Harnisch ©UFZ
Prof. Falk Harnisch, Electrobiotechnology
Dr. Stefan Scholz ©UFZ
Dr. Stefan Scholz, FishInspector