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DOI 10.1016/B978-008045405-4.00207-X
Title (Primary) Grazing models
Title (Secondary) Ecological models
Author Wiegand, T.; Wiegand, K.; Pütz, S.
Publisher Jørgensen, S.E.; Fath, B.D.
Source Titel Encyclopedia of Ecology
Year 2008
Department OESA; NSF
Volume Vol. 3
Page From 1773
Page To 1782
Language englisch
Abstract A large proportion of the Earth's surface is covered by plant communities which are used by grazing animals. The impact of grazing on the dynamics and productivity of such systems has been an important subject of basic and applied ecological research. Theoretical and applied questions are intimately linked, since developing sustainable grazing management requires an understanding of the dynamics of the grazing system. In fact, the development of grazing models mirrors developments in theoretical ecology closely. Early models of grazing systems were based on equilibrium concepts; however, since the 1980s the equilibrium concept was increasingly challenged, and in the late 1980s nonequilibrium concepts emerged. At about the same time, the issue of spatial scales and the questions about the impact of spatial heterogeneity on ecological processes became an important focus of ecological research and led to new simulation methods for grazing models.Grazing models are as varied as the purposes for which they have been constructed, and cover various spatial and temporal scales and various degrees of detail. The objective of this article is not to provide a comprehensive description and categorization of existing grazing models, but to follow the historical development in ecological theory and to describe grazing models that stimulated or mirrored the conceptual changes and advances in the understanding of grazing systems.
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Wiegand, T., Wiegand, K., Pütz, S. (2008):
Grazing models
In: Jørgensen, S.E., Fath, B.D. (eds.)
Ecological models
Encyclopedia of Ecology Vol. 3
Elsevier, Oxford, p. 1773 - 1782 10.1016/B978-008045405-4.00207-X