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Title (Primary) Digital forestry: a white paper
Author Zhao, G.; Shao, G.; Reynolds, K.M.; Wimberly, M.C.; Warner, T.; Moser, J.W.; Rennolls, K.; Magnussen, S.; Köhl, M.; Anderson, H.-E.; Mendoza, G.A.; Dai, L.; Huth, A.; Zhang, L.; Brey, J.; Sung, Y.; Ye, R.; Martin, B.A.; Li, F.
Source Titel Journal of Forestry
Year 2005
Department OESA
Volume 103
Issue 1
Page From 47
Page To 50
Language englisch
Abstract Digital Forestry has been proposed as "the science, technology, and art of systematically acquiring, integrating, analyzing, and applying digital information to support sustainable forests." Although rooted in traditional forestry disciplines, Digital Forestry draws from a host of other fields that, in the past few decades, have become important for implementing the concept of forest ecosystem management and the principle of sustainable forestry. Digital Forestry is a framework that links all facets of forestry information at local, national, and global levels through an organized digital network. It is anticipated that a new set of principles will be established when practicing Digital Forestry concept for the evolution of forestry education, research, and practices as the 21st century unfolds.
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Zhao, G., Shao, G., Reynolds, K.M., Wimberly, M.C., Warner, T., Moser, J.W., Rennolls, K., Magnussen, S., Köhl, M., Anderson, H.-E., Mendoza, G.A., Dai, L., Huth, A., Zhang, L., Brey, J., Sung, Y., Ye, R., Martin, B.A., Li, F. (2005):
Digital forestry: a white paper
J. For. 103 (1), 47 - 50