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DOI 10.1016/j.envsoft.2020.104885
Document accepted manuscript
Title (Primary) Socio-technical scales in socio-environmental modeling: managing a system-of-systems modeling approach
Author Iwanaga, T.; Wang, H.-H.; Hamilton, S.H.; Grimm, V.; Koralewski, T.E.; Salado, A.; Elsawah, S.; Razavi, S.; Yang, J.; Glynn, P.; Badham, J.; Voinov, A.; Chen, M.; Grant, W.E.; Peterson, T.R.; Frank, K.; Shenk, G.; Barton, C.M.; Jakeman, A.J.; Little, J.C.
Journal Environmental Modelling & Software
Year 2021
Department OESA
Volume 135
Page From art. 104885
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords social-ecological modeling, interdisciplinary modeling, integrated modeling, scale issues, system-of-systems approach
Abstract System-of-systems approaches for integrated assessments have become prevalent in recent years. Such approaches integrate a variety of models from different disciplines and modeling paradigms to represent a socio-environmental (or social-ecological) system aiming to holistically inform policy and decision-making processes. Central to the system-of-systems approaches is the representation of systems in a multi-tier framework with nested scales. Current modeling paradigms, however, have disciplinary-specific lineage, leading to inconsistencies in the conceptualization and integration of socio-environmental systems. In this paper, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, from engineering, natural and social sciences, have come together to detail socio-technical practices and challenges that arise in the consideration of scale throughout the socio-environmental modeling process. We identify key paths forward, focused on explicit consideration of scale and uncertainty, strengthening interdisciplinary communication, and improvement of the documentation process. We call for a grand vision (and commensurate funding) for holistic system-of-systems research that engages researchers, stakeholders, and policy makers in a multi-tiered process for co-creation of knowledge and solutions to major socio-environmental problems.
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Iwanaga, T., Wang, H.-H., Hamilton, S.H., Grimm, V., Koralewski, T.E., Salado, A., Elsawah, S., Razavi, S., Yang, J., Glynn, P., Badham, J., Voinov, A., Chen, M., Grant, W.E., Peterson, T.R., Frank, K., Shenk, G., Barton, C.M., Jakeman, A.J., Little, J.C. (2021):
Socio-technical scales in socio-environmental modeling: managing a system-of-systems modeling approach
Environ. Modell. Softw. 135 , art. 104885