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DOI 10.1038/s41598-019-48277-z
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Title (Primary) Dynamics of forest fragmentation and connectivity using particle and fractal analysis
Author Andronache, I.; Marin, M.; Fischer, R. ORCID logo ; Ahammer, H.; Radulovic, M.; Ciobotaru, A.-M.; Jelinek, H.F.; Di Ieva, A.; Pintilii, R.-D.; Drăghici, C.-C.; Herman, G.V.; Nicula, A.-S.; Simion, A.-G.; Loghin, I.-V.; Diaconu, D.-C.; Peptenatu, D.
Source Titel Scientific Reports
Year 2019
Department OESA
Volume 9
Page From art. 12228
Language englisch
Abstract The ever decreasing area of forests has lead to environmental and economical challenges and has brought with it a renewed interest in developing methodologies that quantify the extent of deforestation and reforestation. In this study we analyzed the deforested areas of the Apuseni Mountains, which has been under economic pressure in recent years and resulted in widespread deforestation as a means of income. Deforested surface dynamics modeling was based on images contained in the Global Forest Database, provided by the Department of Geographical Sciences at Maryland University between 2000 and 2014. The results of the image particle analysis and modelling were based on Total Area (ha), Count of patches and Average Size whereas deforested area distribution was based on the Local Connected Fractal Dimension, Fractal Fragmentation Index and Tug-of-War Lacunarity as indicators of forest fragmentation or heterogeneity. The major findings of the study indicated a reduction of the tree cover area by 3.8%, an increase in fragmentation of 17.7% and an increase in heterogeneity by 29%, while fractal connectivity decreased only by 0.1%. The fractal and particle analysis showed a clustering of forest loss areas with an average increase from 1.1 to 3.0 ha per loss site per year. In conclusion, the fractal and particle analysis provide a relevant methodological framework to further our understanding of the spatial effects of economic pressure on forestry.
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Andronache, I., Marin, M., Fischer, R., Ahammer, H., Radulovic, M., Ciobotaru, A.-M., Jelinek, H.F., Di Ieva, A., Pintilii, R.-D., Drăghici, C.-C., Herman, G.V., Nicula, A.-S., Simion, A.-G., Loghin, I.-V., Diaconu, D.-C., Peptenatu, D. (2019):
Dynamics of forest fragmentation and connectivity using particle and fractal analysis
Sci. Rep. 9 , art. 12228 10.1038/s41598-019-48277-z