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DOI 10.1038/s41598-020-66381-3
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Title (Primary) Risk factors for African swine fever incursion in Romanian domestic farms during 2019
Author Boklund, A.; Dhollander, S.; Chesnoiu Vasile, T.; Abrahantes, J.C.; Bøtner, A.; Gogin, A.; Gonzalez Villeta, L.C.; Gortázar, C.; More, S.J.; Papanikolaou, A.; Roberts, H.; Stegeman, A.; Ståhl, K.; Thulke, H.H.; Viltrop, A.; van der Stede, Y.; Mortensen, S.
Journal Scientific Reports
Year 2020
Department OESA
Volume 10
Page From art. 10215
Language englisch
Keywords Disease model; Population dynamics
Abstract African swine fever (ASF) entered Georgia in 2007 and the EU in 2014. In the EU, the virus primarily spread in wild boar (Sus scrofa) in the period from 2014–2018. However, from the summer 2018, numerous domestic pig farms in Romania were affected by ASF. In contrast to the existing knowledge on ASF transmission routes, the understanding of risk factors and the importance of different transmission routes is still limited. In the period from May to September 2019, 655 Romanian pig farms were included in a matched case-control study investigating possible risk factors for ASF incursion in commercial and backyard pig farms. The results showed that close proximity to outbreaks in domestic farms was a risk factor in commercial as well as backyard farms. Furthermore, in backyard farms, herd size, wild boar abundance around the farm, number of domestic outbreaks within 2 km around farms, short distance to wild boar cases and visits of professionals working on farms were statistically significant risk factors. Additionally, growing crops around the farm, which could potentially attract wild boar, and feeding forage from ASF affected areas to the pigs were risk factors for ASF incursion in backyard farms.
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Boklund, A., Dhollander, S., Chesnoiu Vasile, T., Abrahantes, J.C., Bøtner, A., Gogin, A., Gonzalez Villeta, L.C., Gortázar, C., More, S.J., Papanikolaou, A., Roberts, H., Stegeman, A., Ståhl, K., Thulke, H.H., Viltrop, A., van der Stede, Y., Mortensen, S. (2020):
Risk factors for African swine fever incursion in Romanian domestic farms during 2019
Sci. Rep. 10 , art. 10215