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DOI 10.1111/btp.12025
Title (Primary) Spatio-temporal analysis of the effects of hurricane Ivan on two contrasting epiphytic orchid species in Guanahacabibes, Cuba
Author Wiegand, T.; Raventós, J.; Mújica, E.; González, E.; Bonet, A.
Source Titel Biotropica
Year 2013
Department OESA
Volume 45
Issue 4
Page From 441
Page To 449
Language englisch
Keywords Biodiversity; Cuba; epiphytic orchids; hurricanes; mark correlation function; phorophytes; relative growth rate
UFZ wide themes ru5
Abstract Hurricanes represent the dominant type of disturbance in many tropical coastal forests. Here, we focus on mortality of epiphytic orchids caused by hurricane Ivan in the Guanahacabibes National Park (Cuba) and subsequent population recovery. We analyzed different aspects of hurricane damage on two contrasting epiphytic orchids, Broughtonia cubensis and Dendrophylax lindenii, as observed in three plots of coastal vegetation and in three plots of semi-deciduous forest, respectively. First, we quantified the damage to host trees and orchids
and explored if hurricane damage depended on height, size, or identity of the host tree. Second, we used mark connection and mark correlation functions to conduct a detailed analysis of small-scale spatial patterns in hurricane damage for host trees and orchids. Finally, we analyzed the degree of recovery after Ivan during the 6 yr following the storm. Damage of B. cubensis host trees was independent of height and size, but Ivan severely affected larger and higher host trees of D. lindenii. Spatial analysis revealed non-random structure in
damage that differed between species. Broughtonia cubensis exhibited small-scale spatial correlation in the proportion of damaged orchids, whereas D. lindenii did not. Dendrophylax lindenii showed ‘patchy’ damage patterns, correlated with height, but B. cubensis did not. The relative growth rate of B. cubensis for the 5–17 mo following Ivan was only moderately reduced and fully recovered in subsequent years, whereas that of D. lindenii was severely reduced the first year and did not fully recover thereafter. We hypothesize that differences in the
host, vegetation type, and the traits of the two orchids contribute to the different responses to the hurricane.
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Wiegand, T., Raventós, J., Mújica, E., González, E., Bonet, A. (2013):
Spatio-temporal analysis of the effects of hurricane Ivan on two contrasting epiphytic orchid species in Guanahacabibes, Cuba
Biotropica 45 (4), 441 - 449 10.1111/btp.12025