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DOI 10.1163/156853812X643710
Title (Primary) Distribution of Testudo graeca in the western Mediterranean according to climatic factors
Author Anadón, J.D.; Giménez, A.; Graciá, E.; Pérez, I.; Ferrández, M.; Fahd, S.; El Mouden, H.; Kalboussi, M.; Jdeidi, T.; Larbes, S.; Rouag, R.; Slimani, T.; Znari, M.; Fritz, U.
Source Titel Amphibia-Reptilia
Year 2012
Department OESA
Volume 33
Issue 2
Page From 285
Page To 296
Language englisch
Keywords ecological niche modelling; limiting factors; Maxent; North Africa; species distribution modelling; spur-thighed tortoise

Despite being one of the most charismatic elements of the Mediterranean Basin fauna and its threatened status, the western Mediterranean range of Testudo graeca is at present very poorly known. The present work provides the most detailed geographical and ecological description for the North African clade of T. graeca so far. We gathered 283 occurrence data of T. graeca in North Africa and modelled the distribution by means of presence-only distribution modelling tools. The obtained model was then projected to southern Europe in order to explore whether the environmental characteristics of European populations fall into the predicted niche of the species in North Africa.

T. graeca showed a wide environmental range in North Africa. Presence localities ranged from the sea level to 2090 m of altitude and from 116 to 1093 mm of annual precipitation. The presence-only model indicates that distribution in North Africa is mainly related to rainfall, specifically rainfall values in the wettest and coldest quarter of the year. The distribution model showed a range of ca. 1 000 000 km2. The projection of the model to southern Europe showed that the southern Iberian and Balkan Peninsulas, as well as most Mediterranean islands, present climatic conditions within those found in the range of the species in North Africa.

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Anadón, J.D., Giménez, A., Graciá, E., Pérez, I., Ferrández, M., Fahd, S., El Mouden, H., Kalboussi, M., Jdeidi, T., Larbes, S., Rouag, R., Slimani, T., Znari, M., Fritz, U. (2012):
Distribution of Testudo graeca in the western Mediterranean according to climatic factors
Amphib. Reptil. 33 (2), 285 - 296 10.1163/156853812X643710