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DOI 10.1016/j.ecocom.2018.06.008
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Title (Primary) Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionality
Author Egli, L. ORCID logo ; Weise, H.; Radchuk, V.; Seppelt, R.; Grimm, V.
Source Titel Ecological Complexity
Year 2019
Department CLE; OESA; iDiv
Volume 40, Part B
Page From art. 100718
Language englisch
Keywords Agent-based models Model development Multidimensionality Review Social-ecological systems Stability properties
Abstract Anthropogenic pressures increasingly alter natural systems. Therefore, understanding the resilience of agent-based complex systems such as ecosystems, i.e. their ability to absorb these pressures and sustain their functioning and services, is a major challenge. However, the mechanisms underlying resilience are still poorly understood. A main reason for this is the multidimensionality of both resilience, embracing the three fundamental stability properties recovery, resistance and persistence, and of the specific situations for which stability properties can be assessed. Agent-based models (ABM) complement empirical research which is, for logistic reasons, limited in coping with these multiple dimensions. Besides their ability to integrate multidimensionality through extensive manipulation in a fully controlled system, ABMs can capture the emergence of system resilience from individual interactions and feedbacks across different levels of organization. To assess the extent to which this potential of ABMs has already been exploited, we reviewed the state of the art in exploring resilience and its multidimensionality in ecological and socio-ecological systems with ABMs. We found that the potential of ABMs is not utilized in most models, as they typically focus on a single dimension of resilience by using variability as a proxy for persistence, and are limited to one reference state, disturbance type and scale. Moreover, only few studies explicitly test the ability of different mechanisms to support resilience. To overcome these limitations, we recommend to simultaneously assess multiple stability properties for different situations and under consideration of the mechanisms that are hypothesised to render a system resilient. This will help us to better exploit the potential of ABMs to understand and quantify resilience mechanisms, and hence support solving real-world problems related to the resilience of agent-based complex systems.

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Egli, L., Weise, H., Radchuk, V., Seppelt, R., Grimm, V. (2019):
Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionality
Ecol. Complex. 40, Part B , art. 100718 10.1016/j.ecocom.2018.06.008