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DOI 10.12703/P6-39
Title (Primary) Individual-based models in ecology after four decades
Author DeAngelis, D.L.; Grimm, V.
Source Titel F1000Prime Reports
Year 2014
Department OESA; iDiv
Volume 6
Page From art. 39
Language englisch
UFZ wide themes RU5;
Abstract Individual-based models simulate populations and communities by following individuals and their
properties. They have been used in ecology for more than four decades, with their use and ubiquity in
ecology growing rapidly in the last two decades. Individual-based models have been used for many applied
or “pragmatic” issues, such as informing the protection and management of particular populations in
specific locations, but their use in addressing theoretical questions has also grown rapidly, recently helping
us to understand how the sets of traits of individual organisms influence the assembly of communities and
food webs. Individual-based models will play an increasingly important role in questions posed by complex
ecological systems.
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DeAngelis, D.L., Grimm, V. (2014):
Individual-based models in ecology after four decades
F1000Prime Reports 6 , art. 39 10.12703/P6-39