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Title (Primary) META-X: Software for metapopulation viability analysis
Author Frank, K.; Lorek, H.; Koester, F.; Sonnenschein, M.; Wissel, C.; Grimm, V.
Year 2002
Department OESA
Page To 195
Language deutsch
UFZ inventory Leipzig, Bibliothek, Hauptlesesaal, 00119986, 02-1759 DK: 575.858 Met

Meta-X is a user-friendly computer program that allows students, teachers, and researchers to perform a metapopulation viability analysis i.e. to assess the extinction risk of (meta)populations on discrete, partially isolated patches of habitat, in a comfortable way. The CD comes with an extensive handbook which explains the basic concept of the program and takes you on a guided tour through a model experiment. It further provides the necessary scientific background on both metapopulation dynamics and population viability analysis.
A special feature of Meta-X is that it supports comparative analyses of alternative scenarios. This predestines Meta-X to serve as an aid for decision making in conservation management and landscape planning. Furthermore, handbook and software together provide an invaluable help in research and teaching.

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Frank, K., Lorek, H., Koester, F., Sonnenschein, M., Wissel, C., Grimm, V. (2002):
META-X: Software for metapopulation viability analysis
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 195 S.