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DOI 10.3390/f13070990
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Whole-plant seedling functional traits suggest lianas also support “fast-slow” plant economics spectrum
Author Sun, Z.; Prachanun, N.; Sonsuthi, A.; Chanthorn, W.; Brockelman, W.Y.; Nathalang, A.; Lin, L.; Bongers, F.
Source Titel Forests
Year 2022
Department OESA
Volume 13
Issue 7
Page From art. 990
Language englisch
Topic T5 Future Landscapes
Keywords ‘fast–slow’ plant economics spectrum; functional traits; lianas and trees; seasonal growth advantage (SGA); tropical forest
Abstract Lianas are predicted to perform better than trees during seasonal drought among tropical forests, which has substantial implications for tree and forest dynamics. Here, we use whole-plant trait comparison to test whether lianas allocated on the resource acquisitive end of the continuum of woody plant strategies. We measured morphological and biomass allocation traits for seedlings of 153 species of trees and lianas occurring in a tropical forest in Thailand during the dry season. We first compared trait differences between lianas and trees directly, and then classified all species based on their trait similarities. We found that liana seedlings had significantly higher specific leaf areas and specific stem lengths than co-occurring tree seedlings. Trait similarity classification resulted in a liana-dominated cluster and a tree-dominated cluster. Compared to the tree-dominated cluster, species in the liana-dominated cluster were characterized by a consistent pattern of lower dry matter content and cheaper and more efficient per dry mass unit investment in both above- and below-ground organs. The consistency of all organs operating in tandem for dry matter content, together with optimized investment in them per mass unit, implied that the lianas and trees can be highly overlapped on the strategy gradient of the resource acquisition continuum.
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Sun, Z., Prachanun, N., Sonsuthi, A., Chanthorn, W., Brockelman, W.Y., Nathalang, A., Lin, L., Bongers, F. (2022):
Whole-plant seedling functional traits suggest lianas also support “fast-slow” plant economics spectrum
Forests 13 (7), art. 990 10.3390/f13070990