Lorenz Adrian

Prof. Dr. rer nat
Department head


Curriculum Vitae

2023–now Department head at UFZ Leipzig, Department Molecular Environmental Biotechnology
2020–23 Department head (shared) at UFZ Leipzig, Department Environmental Biotechnology
2017–now Professorship for Geobiotechnology at TU Berlin
2013–20 Senior Scientist at UFZ Leipzig, Department Isotope Biogeochemistry, working group "Functional Genomics", since 2017 "Geobiochemistry"
2008–13 Head of an ERC group, Department Isotope Biogeochemistry
2008–10 Guest Professor for Applied Biochemistry, TU Berlin
2007 Postdoc Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA
2006 Habilitation, TU Berlin
2003 Postdoc Cornell University, NY, USA
1999 PhD, TU Berlin
1993 Diploma Biology, Universtät Bonn and University of Manchester, UK


Our research focusses on the molecular investigation of anaerobic microbial proceses that can be applied to mitigate climate change or remediate contaminated environments. For detailed information on our research please visit the list of Research groups at our department Environmental Biotechnology or our research summary at TU Berlin, Chair for Geobiotechnology



All our teaching is at the Technische Universität Berlin for the Master courses Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering. For updated versions see our teaching section at the Chair of Geobiotechnology.

Dr. Lorenz Adrian offers an integrated course (lecture series + seminar) on Geobiotechnology.

We commonly offer a one-week lab course on Geobiotechnology in our labs in Leipzig for students of the TU Berlin courses Biotechnology or Technischer Umweltschutz (Dr. Deobald, Dr. Adrian).

Dr. Darja Deobald offers an integrated lecture on Enzyme Technology for Biotechnoloy students.

Dr. Chang Ding offers an integrated course on Molecular Environmental Engineering encompassing 6 lectures and 3-4 days practical course in Leipzig.

The integrated course of Dr. Karolina Nowak on Isotope Biotechnology during the winter semester at TU Berlin for students of the course Biotechnology is discontinued since 2022.


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