Dr. Uwe Kappelmeyer

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Department of Environmental Biotechnology
Permoserstraße 15
D-04318 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 235-1679
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Kappelmeyer in the phytotechnicum


  • Aylward, L., Bonner, R., Sheridan, C., Kappelmeyer, U., (2019):
    Hydraulic study of a non-steady horizontal sub-surface flow constructed wetland during start-up
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    full text (url)
  • Bonner, R., Aylward, L., Kappelmeyer, U., Sheridan, C., (2018):
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    Water SA 44 (4), 764 - 770
    full text (url)
  • Moodley, I., Sheridan, C.M., Kappelmeyer, U., Akcil, A., (2018):
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    full text (url)
  • Sheridan, C., Akcil, A., Kappelmeyer, U., Moodley, I., (2018):
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    full text (url)
  • Wells, N.S., Kappelmeyer, U., Knöller, K., (2018):
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    Water Res. 142 , 373 - 382
    full text (url)
  • Aylward, L., Kappelmeyer, U., Bonner, R., Hecht, P., Sheridan, C., (2017):
    Investigation into the kinetics of constructed wetland degradation processes as a precursor to biomimetic design
    Water SA 43 (4), 655 - 665
    full text (url)
  • Bonner, R., Aylward, L., Harley, C., Kappelmeyer, U., Sheridan, C.M., (2017):
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    J. Water Process Eng. 16 , 183 - 192
    full text (url)
  • Bonner, R., Aylward, L., Kappelmeyer, U., Sheridan, C., (2017):
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    Ecol. Eng. 99 , 99 - 113
    full text (url)
  • Meyer-Cifuentes, I., Fiedler, S., Müller, J.A., Kappelmeyer, U., Mäusezahl, I., Heipieper, H.J., (2017):
    Draft genome sequence of Magnetospirillum sp. strain 15-1, a denitrifying toluene degrader isolated from a planted fixed-bed reactor
    Genome Announc. 5 (32), e00764-17
    full text (url)
  • Lünsmann, V., Kappelmeyer, U., Benndorf, R., Martínez-Lavanchy, P.M., Taubert, A., Adrian, L., Duarte, M., Pieper, D.H., von Bergen, M., Müller, J.A., Heipieper, H.J., Jehmlich, N., (2016):
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    Environ. Microbiol. 18 (4), 1176 - 1186
    full text (url)
  • Lünsmann, V., Kappelmeyer, U., Taubert, A., Nijenhuis, I., von Bergen, M., Heipieper, H.J., Müller, J.A., Jehmlich, N., (2016):
    Aerobic toluene degraders in the rhizosphere of a constructed wetland model show diurnal polyhydroxyalkanoate metabolism
    Appl. Environ. Microb. 82 (14), 4126 - 4132
    full text (url)
  • Saad, R.A.B., Kuschk, P., Wiessner, A., Kappelmeyer, U., Müller, J.A., Köser, H., (2016):
    Role of plants in nitrogen and sulfur transformations in floating hydroponic root mats: A comparison of two helophytes
    J. Environ. Manage. 181 , 333 - 342
    full text (url)
  • Barreto, A.B., Vasconcellos, G.R., von Sperling, M., Kuschk, P., Kappelmeyer, U., Vasel, J.L., (2015):
    Field application of a planted fixed bed reactor (PFR) for support media and rhizosphere investigation using undisturbed samples from full-scale constructed wetlands
    Water Sci. Technol. 72 (4), 553 - 560
    full text (url)
  • Coban, O., Kuschk, P., Kappelmeyer, U., Spott, O., Martienssen, M., Jetten, M.S.M., Knoeller, K., (2015):
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    Water Res. 74 , 203 - 212
    full text (url)
  • Kamau, J.N., Kuschk, P., Machiwa, J., Macia, A., Mothes, S., Mwangi, S., Munga, D., Kappelmeyer, U., (2015):
    Investigating the distribution and fate of Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn in sewage-impacted mangrove-fringed creeks of Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique
    J. Soils Sediments 15 (12), 2453 - 2465
    full text (url)
  • Martínez-Lavanchy, P.M., Chen, Z., Lünsmann, V., Marin-Cevada, V., Vilchez-Vargas, R., Pieper, D.H., Reiche, N., Kappelmeyer, U., Imparato, V., Junca, H., Nijenhuis, I., Müller, J.A., Kuschk, P., Heipieper, H.J., (2015):
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    Appl. Environ. Microb. 81 (18), 6241 - 6252
    full text (url)
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    Ecol. Eng. 80 , 151 - 155
    full text (url)
  • Chen, Z.B., Kappelmeyer, U., Kuschk, P., (2014):
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    Environ.Technol. 34 (8), 945 - 959
    full text (url)
  • Wiessner, A., Kappelmeyer, U., Kaestner, M., Schultze-Nobre, L., Kuschk, P., (2013):
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    Water Res. 47 (13), 4265 - 4273
    full text (url)
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    Environ. Eng. Manag. J. 12 (3), 565 - 573
    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
  • Fischer, J., Kappelmeyer, U., Kästner, M., Schauer, F., Heipieper, H.J., (2010):
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    Int. Biodeterior. Biodegrad. 64 (4), 324 - 330
    full text (url)
  • Löffler, C., Eberlein, C., Mäusezahl, I., Kappelmeyer, U., Heipieper, H.J., (2010):
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    FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 308 (1), 68 - 75
    full text (url)
  • Martínez-Lavanchy, P.M., Müller, C., Nijenhuis, I., Kappelmeyer, U., Buffing, M., McPherson, K., Heipieper, H.J., (2010):
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    Appl. Environ. Microb. 76 (20), 6715 - 6723
    full text (url)
  • Nikolausz, M., Kappelmeyer, U., Székely, A., Rusznyák, A., Márialigeti, K., Kästner, M., (2008):
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    Eur. J. Soil Biol. 44 (3), 324 - 333
    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
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    full text (url)
  • Kappelmeyer, U., Kuschk, P., Stottmeister, U., (2003):
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    full text (url)
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    Stickstoffelimination in Wurzelrauamanlagen
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    Workshop UFZ, Leipzig, 30.-31.5.2002
  • Kappelmeyer, U., Wießner, A., Kuschk, P., Kästner, M., (2002):
    Operation of a universal test unit for planted soil filters – Planted Fixed Bed Reactor
    Eng. Life Sci. 2 (10), 311 - 315
    full text (url)
  • Kappelmeyer, U., (2001):
    Untersuchungen zu Mechanismen der Stickstoffumsetzung in Wässern bei der Passage durch bewachsene Bodenfilter (Pflanzenkläranlagen)
    Dissertation, TU Dresden
    UFZ-Bericht 5/2001
    UFZ Leipzig-Halle GmbH, Leipzig, 146 S.
    full text (pdf)
  • Kappelmeyer, U., (2001):
    Planted Fixed Bed Reactor - eine universelle Testeinheit für bewachsene Bodenfilter
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