System analysis and Geotechnics

interaction and processes (cc: Hausmann, J.; Sauer, U.)



  • Claudia Schütze
  • Uta Ködel
  • Christine Liang
  • Peter Dietrich
  • Felix Schmidt (Technican)
  • Anna Ries
  • Amanda Vinson
  • Edwin Gozie-Nwaka
  • Ahmad Mahmoud Morsy
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Steffen Popp

Daniel Altdorff

Theresa Mannschatz

Research Topic

Investigation and observation of environmental systems using different methods and combinations of methods


  • TERrestrial ENviromental Observatoria -TERENO ( TERENO )
  • Model Driven Site Assessment, Information and Control -Mosaic ( MOSAIC )
  • Spatially resolved quantification of the advection influence on the balance closure of greenhouse gases ( SQuAD )
  • Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems -MOSES ( MOSES )
  • Digital Earth ( Digital Earth )


  • High-resolution 3-D dielectric property models of the shallow subsurface: Integrating direct-push and georadar data (leader: J. Tronicke, University of Potsdam);
  • High-resolution aquifer characterization based on direct-push technology: An integrated approach coupling hydraulic and seismic tomography (leader: R. Brauchler, University of Göttingen);
  • High-resolution Dynamic Mapping of Transport Pathways: Providing New Insights into Subsurface Processes (University of Kansas, Michigan State University, the University of Alabama, Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research- UFZ)

Abgeschlossene Projekte

  • Entwicklung und Validierung eines CPT-basierten seismischen Tomographiesystems und einer Auswertemethodik zur Standsicherheitsbewertung von Altbergbaustandorten ( CPTTOMO )
  • Monitoring approach for geological CO2 storage sites using a hierarchic observation concept ( MONACO )
  • From Catchments as Organised Systems to Models based on Dynamic Functional Units ( CAOS )
  • Development and assessment of the reliable, efficient and cost-effective monitoring concepts in order to detect and characterize possible near-surface CO2-leakages ( CO2 Injection test )
  • Coupling of Flow and Deformation Processes for Modelling the Movement of Natural Slopes ( Großhang )
  • A combined exploration technique for the delineation of subsurface structures and the assessment of rock parameters ( COMEXTECH )
  • Verbundvorhaben im BMBF Research for the Reduction of Land Consumption and for Sustainable Land Management (REFINA) ( SINBRA )
  • Model driven soil probing, site assessment and evaluation" ( ModelProbe )
  • Interactions between soil related sciences – Linking geophysics, soil science and digital soil mapping ( iSOIL )