TERENO und Soil Processes


Research focus

This working group is responsible for coordinating the UFZ-TERENO observatory and contributes to various long-term environmental monitoring projects in Germany and Europe. We conduct hydropedological and soil physical studies, develop concepts for the interactions between pedosphere and hydrosphere, and conduct methodological research on cross-scale and integrated long-term monitoring of terrestrial environmental compartments. We focus on the following three main topics:
Coordination of the European Longterm Environmental Infrastructures (eLTER)
Coordination of the Terrestrial Environmental Observatory in Central Germany (TERENO)
Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing
Soil moisture monitoring with cosmic-ray neutrons (CRNS)

Related projects


  • Dr. Steffen Zacharias (head), Kontakt
  • Dr. Nina Hobbhahn
  • Dr. David Lopez Herraez
  • Dr. Ulf Mallast
  • Dr. Martin Schrön
  • Dr. Daniel Power
  • MSc. Lasse Hertle (PhD student)
  • MSc. Manuel Kreck (Technician)
  • MSc. Solveig Landmark (Technician)
  • Anja Rabe

Former members: Simon Kögler, Katrin Matthes, Mandy Kasner, Eduardo Martini, Carmen Zengerle


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