Department MET

Mission Statement

Our research serves to protect the natural environment and foster economical use of scarce natural resources.

We develop and validate applied methods, technologies, and strategies for the observation and exploration of the natural environment focusing on soil, water, and air as well as their interactions.

Towards this goal we provide extensive expertise in the fields of hydrogeology, geophysics, sensor development, and data analysis.

As a platform of excellence for monitoring and exploration technologies, we serve as an interface for interdisciplinary research.

We support various fields of research at the UFZ through efficient, targeted site investigation and evaluation of environmentally related issues.

We are active in national and international scientific dialogues as well as technology transfer activities.

We enjoy sharing our expertise within scientific networks.

The education of young academics is a primary element of our scientific mission.

Creating a sense of freedom for scientific work in the department is important to us. We support our employees in their career development. We encourage and promote a productive team environment, personal responsibility, and the ability to work independently.