Working Areas

WG 1: Direct Push and hydrogeological measurement methods

Direct Push Technology ( Photo: A. Künzelmann/UFZ))

Head: Dr. Thomas Vienken ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1382

Further development of methods for investigating near surface areas by means of Direct Push and hydrological field methods;

WP 2: Geophysics

GEophysical measurements ( Photo: MET/UFZ)

Head: Dr. Ulrike Werban ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1989

Further development and evaluation of geophysical methods in the context of the investigation of soil, groundwater and biodiversity;
Coordination of the research platform MOSAIC;

WG 3: On-site analytic processes

IMS ( Graphic: MET/UFZ)

Head: Dr. habil. Helko Borsdorf  ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1457

Development of tools for field analytical chemistry and their application in environmental monitoring and for investigation of transport processes in and between environmental compartments;

WG 4: Tereno and soil processes

Lysimeter installation at Schäfertal site ( Photo; Künzelmann/UFZ)

Head: Dr. Steffen Zacharias ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1381

Hydropedological and soil physical studies, development and provision of concepts for the pedosphere-hydrosphere interface, integrated and multiscale long-term monitoring of terrestrial environmental compartments

WG 5: System analysis & Geotechnics

Tasks of AG5 ( graphic: Hausmann & Sauer/UFZ)

Head: Prof. Dr. Claudia Sch├╝tze ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1803

Investigation and observation of environmental systems using different methods and combinations of methods

AG 6: Environmental Sensor and Information Systems

Sensor installation at Bad Lauchstädt( Photo: MET/UFZ)

Head: Dr. Jan Bumberger ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1802

  • Development of concepts and realization of application study of wireless ad-hoc sensor networks;
  • Signal processing and analysis of multiparametric or cross-domain data;
  • Investigation of innovative measuring concepts in the field of electromagnetic sensor technology;

WG 7: Data Integration and Inversion

Arbeitsgruppe 7 ( Photo: MET/UFZ)

Head: Dr. Hendrik Paasche ( Contact )
Tel.:     +49-341- 235 -1414

Multivariate analyses for probabilistic integration of multi-method data bases;

Geoscientifically constrained extrapolation of sparse data;

Non-linear joint inversion concepts, i.e. for geophysical model generation;

Optimization of geophysical surveying and processing strategies for information return maximization;