Environmental Sensor and Information Systems

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Dr. Jan Bumberger

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  • Dr. Jan Bumberger
  • Hannes Mollenhauer
  • Rikard Graß
  • Felix Schmidt
  • Paul Remmler
  • Martin Kobe
  • Claudius Wehner

Guest scientists

  • Tobias Goblirsch (University Leipzig)
  • Roland Krämer (HU Berlin)
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        Currently, internships and theses are awarded on the following subjects:

        • Image processing (Stereoscopy)
        • Data integration of multiparametric or rather cross-domain information
        • Dielectric spectroscopy
        • Microcontroller programming and hardware design
        • Cross-scale modeling
        • Development of optical sensor components
        • Validation and analysis of remote sensing data

        The working group focuses on the development of methods and techniques for the investigation of terrestrial systems.

        Major (research) objectives are the development of concepts and the realization of an application study for wireless ad-hoc sensor networks for the long term monitoring of environmental parameters, especially with regard to adaptive measuring concepts for multi-scale measuring in heterogenous systems.

        A further field of research in our group is the signal processing and data analysis of multiparametric or rather cross-domain information.

        In addition, we investigate innovative measuring concepts especially in the field of electromagnetic sensor technology and provide studies for the application under environmental conditions.


        • Experimentierfeld zur datengetriebenen Vernetzung und Digitalisierung in der Landwirtschaft - EXPRESS (website under construction)
        • The European Network for Observing Our Changing Planet ( GEOESSENTIAL )
        • Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems ( MOSES )
        • GreenEquityHEALTH ( GreenEquityHEALTH )
        • PolDiv ( PolDiv )
        • TrophinOak and PhytOakmeter ( TrophinOak and PhytOakmeter )
        • Global Change Experimental Facility ( GCEF )
        • Wireless Sensor Networks ( ACROSS )