Data Integration and Parameter Estimation

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Dr. Hendrik Paasche

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  • Koedel, U., Dietrich, P., Fischer, P., Greinert, J., Bundke, U., Burwicz-Galerne, E., Haas, A., Herrarte, I., Haroon, A., Jegen, M., Kalbacher, T., Kennert, M., Korf, T., Kunkel, R., Kwok, C.Y., Mahnke, C., Nixdorf, E., Paasche, H., González Ávalos, E., Petzold, A., Rohs, S., Wagner, R., Walter, A., (2022):
    The digital earth smart monitoring concept and tools
    In: Bouwer, L.M., Dransch, D., Ruhnke, R., Rechid, D., Frickenhaus, S., Greinert, J., (eds.)
    Integrating data science and earth science
    SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences
    Springer International Publishing, Cham, p. 85 - 120
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        Group members:

        • Daniel Demuth

        Student members:

        • Rene Schultz
        • Corinna Naumann
        • Barbara Hachmöller


        • PD Dr Detlef Eberle

        Research Topics

        • Multivariate analyses for probabilistic integration of multi-method data bases
        • Geoscientifically constrained extrapolation of sparse data
        • Non-linear joint inversion concepts, i.e. for geophysical model generation
        • Optimization of geophysical surveying and processing strategies for information return maximization


        • Multi-scale S-wave tomography for exploration and risk assessment of development sites ( MuSaWa )