Gene analysis

The platform “gene analysis” comprises PCR-based molecular biological methods to perform analyses of

(i) absolute and semi-quantitative gene expression,
(ii) genotypes,
(iii) copy number variations (CNV),
(iv) DNA-methylation and
(v) short sequences.

Analyses can be done in single as well as in semi-high-throughput approaches using 96- and 384 –well or 48x48- (array x sample) and 96x96-formats. The platform is equipped with two LightCycler 480 (for qPCR in 96- or 384 –well format), three conventional cyclers, a Biomark Real-Time PCR System (for qPCR on 48x48 or 96x96 chips) and the Pyromark Q48 (for pyrosequencing). An additional semi-automated pipettor helps in pipetting of 96-well formats. Conventional PCR results can be analysed after gel-electrophoresis via FluorChem imager.