The platform "Biobank" is responsible for the long term storage of biosamples and joined documentation.

Our Biobank contains large amounts of valuable samples, because the individuals belonging to those samples are deeply characterized. These samples, together with additional information on their genesis, phenotype and genotype of the individuals, are the basis of our daily research. For every sample, we ensure that storage conditions meet requirements. This also includes an alarming system, which informs us if storage conditions are out of range.

Every sample which is processed in our lab and intended for later usage becomes eligible for description in our sample storage documentation system. This system contains information on sample collection, alliquotation, volume, storage location, storage history (thaw cycles) and final usage of each sample - in short: the complete live cycle of a sample. Like that, we always know the exact amount available. We are able to query available samples volumina for a given research question without physical screening. This system also enables us to optimize allocation of the freezers in order to save electrical energy.