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DOI 10.3390/ijms24097894
Licence creative commons licence
Title (Primary) Dissecting rubella placental infection in an in vitro trophoblast model
Author Schulz, J.; Schilling, E.; Fabian, C.; Zenclussen, A.C.; Stojanovska, V.; Claus, C.
Source Titel International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Year 2023
Department IMMU
Volume 24
Issue 9
Page From art. 7894
Language englisch
Topic T9 Healthy Planet
Keywords interferon; metabolic activity; extracellular flux analysis; OCR; ECAR; syncytialization
Abstract Vertical transmission of rubella virus (RuV) occurs at a high rate during the first trimester of pregnancy. The modes of vertical transmission including the response of trophoblasts to RuV are not well understood. Here, RuV-trophoblast interaction was studied in the BeWo trophoblast cell line. Analysis included early and late time-point kinetics of virus infection rate and the antiviral innate immune response at mRNA and protein level. BeWo characteristics were addressed through metabolic activity by extracellular flux analysis and syncytiotrophoblast formation through incubation with forskolin. We found that RuV infection of BeWo led to profuse type III interferon (IFN) production. Transfecting trophoblast cells with dsRNA analog induced an increase in the production of type I IFN-β and type III IFNs; however, this did not occur in RuV-infected BeWo trophoblasts. IFN-β and to a lesser extent type III IFN-λ1 were inhibitory to RuV. While no significant metabolic alteration was detected, RuV infection reduced the cell number in the monolayer culture in comparison to the mock control and resulted in detached and floating cells. Syncytia formation restricted RuV infection. The use of BeWo as a relevant cell culture model for infection of trophoblasts highlights cytopathogenicity in the absence of a type I IFN response as a pathogenic alteration by RuV.
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Schulz, J., Schilling, E., Fabian, C., Zenclussen, A.C., Stojanovska, V., Claus, C. (2023):
Dissecting rubella placental infection in an in vitro trophoblast model
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 24 (9), art. 7894 10.3390/ijms24097894