Dr. Anja Schmidt


Dr. Anja Schmidt

Department of Community Ecology
Helmholtz Centre for
Environmental Research - UFZ
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 4
06120 Halle (Saale), Germany

Phone: 0345 558 5405
Fax: 0345 558 5329

Orcid: 0000-0001-5339-219X

ResearcherID: V-3289-2017


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Curriculum Vitae

since 10/2015

Researcher and Project Officer within the STACCATO project at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department of Community Ecology

2012 - 2015

PhD Student within the LEGATO project at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department of Community Ecology
Topic: Decomposition driven by invertebrates in tropical rice ecosystems: impacts of management strategies


Master's Thesis at the University of Giessen, Department of Animal Ecology,
Topic: Spatial small scale analyses on distribution patterns of carabid beetles in a contiguous deciduous forest


Erasmus student at Lund University, Sweden

2008 - 2011

Master of Science at the University of Giessen,
Majors: Ecology, Environmental Science, Bioinformatics


Bachelor's Thesis within the project IBISCA at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg, Working group of Ecology and Diversity of Arthropods,
Topic: Räumliche und zeitliche Verteilung der Buntkäfer (Col.: Cleridae) in einem tropischen Tiefland-Regenwald Panamas (San Lorenzo National Park)

2005 - 2008

Bachelor of Science at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg,
Majors: Biotechnology, Animal Physiology, Organismic Biology

Research Interests

Invertebrate mediated decomposition, soil fauna, food webs, biological pest control, biodiversity, entomology


2018 (4)

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2016 (2)

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    Appl. Soil Ecol. 107 , 79 - 90
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2015 (2)

  • Schmidt, A., Auge, H., Brandl, R., Heong, K.L., Hotes, S., Settele, J., Villareal, S., Schädler, M., (2015):
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