Marie Vandewalle, PhD


Department Naturschutzforschung
Helmholtz Zentrum
für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ
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04318 Leipzig

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Marie Vandewalle


Biodiversität, Ökosystemdienstleistungen,
Science Policy Interface, Network of Knowledge


ETC/CCA – European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation (2019 - 2021)

EKLIPSE (Horizon 2020 - 2016-2020) Establishing a European Knowledge and Learning Mechanism to Improve the Policy-Science-Society Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (Co-coordinator)

BiodiversityKnowledge (EU FP7 - KNEU) Developing a Knowledge Network for European Expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services to inform policy making and economic sectors  (Project Manager)

DG ENV contract (2011 - 2014) “Towards an EU mechanism interfacing science and policy on biodiversity and ecosystem services" (Reference; ENV.B.2/SER/2011/00424) (Scientific advisor)

RUBICODE (EU FP6 -terminated): Rationalising Biodiversity Conservation in Dynamic Ecosystems (WP co-leader)


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