Stochastic and Land Surface Hydrology


Luis Samaniego
Luis Samaniego
Rohini Kumar
Rohini Kumar
Oldrich Rakovec
Oldrich Rakovec
Stephan Thober
Stephan Thober
Martin Schrön
Martin Schrön
Michael Peichl
Michael Peichl
Johannes Brenner
Johannes Brenner
Robert Schweppe
Robert Schweppe
Pallav Kumar Shrestha
Pallav K. Shrestha

Research Focus

Our main focus is on understanding and modeling the complex interaction of land-surface hydrologic processes and their spatial and temporal variability at meso- to macro-scale. Research focus is laid on drought reproduction and prediction, multiscale data assimilation and evaluation, and Multiscale Parameter Regionalisation:


The Mesoscale Hydrological Model
using MPR technology

Earth Dynamics Alliance

End-to-end Demonstrator for improved decision making in the water sector in Europe

Advanced Earth System Modelling Capacity (ESM):

A contribution to solving Grand Challenges

HOKLIM - High-resolution climate indicators under a global warming of 1.5°

Regional Climate Change

  • Robust Ensemble Selection
  • Flood and Drough Prediction

Seasonal Water Resources Management Regionalized Global Data and Transfer to Practise

Terrestrial Environmental Observatories

  • Reflectivity and Rainfall (Z-R) Relationship for Hydrology
  • Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensing for Soil Moisture Products

Water - Earth System Science

  • Multiscale Weather Generator
  • Water Balance for major German River Basins


Water fluxes and states dataset accounting for paramtric uncertainty (100 ensemble members)

Conference Posters

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