Model Driven Monitoring


Group Members

Laura Dienstbach

Patrick Schmidt

Peter Miersch

Robert Wiesen

Simon Paasch

Leonie Röhler

The REP members of August 2015

Research Area

The research group Model Driven Monitoring is measuring and modelling the exchanges of energy, water and trace gases between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere in close interaction with requirements of the modeling groups. We have installed Eddy covariance towers in three German ecosystems: a beech forest, moist pasture and agriculture.

The group is developing model diagnostic tools such as parameter screening, sensitivity analysis, and tools related to model optimisation. These tools are used to constrain model parameters by measured fluxes and auxiliary observations. The main models are the soil and snow energy, water and isotope model Soil-Litter-Iso, the land surface models Noah-MP and Cable, and the hydrologic model mHM and its routing scheme mRM.

We are last but not least working on better descriptions of isotope diagnostics in climate models for more reliable representations of the carbon and water cycles at long time scales.

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