Determination of forest stand transpiration and evaporation using eddy covariance and sapflow technique

Sap Flow probe Wetzstein As part of the project INFLUINS , we want to decompose the shares of total water-loss of forest cosystems. The determination of forest water fluxes appears simple since the method of eddy-covariance has been established. Indeed it is an excellent tool to measure the whole stand water exchange. However, to distinguish transpiration and evaporation additional measurements are necessary. Therefore the installation of several sap-flow systems is provided, to obtain reliable results which will describe the water demand of the forests in a differentiated way.

Contact: Corinna Rebmann , Matthias Zink

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Regionalization of Evapotranspiration (ET) at the Thuringian Basin

Being part of the INFLUINS project, we are going to determine the net water balance at land surface for the Thuringian basin. Therefore we want to use local measurements (eddy tower data) as well as remote sensing date for calibrating and later on improving a hydrological model (mHM) used within our group.

In detail we will elaborate on existing methods on regionalizing local measurements of ET. Further on the hydrological model will be transfered towards the Thuringian basin. There we will face the model with remote sensing data and integrate the regionalization scheme into mHM. This model setup will be optimized against present data (water discharge at the outlet as well as surface temperature).

Contact: Corinna Rebmann

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