Hydro-Scientific Software Development



Stephan Thober
Stephan Thober
Sebastian Müller
Sebastian Müller


Our main focus is on providing high quality software in cooperation with working groups related to Hydro-Science at the UFZ. This means, we act as Model-Keepers for code already in existence and production and further enable and implement projects in close collaboration with researchers.

You focus on research, we focus on code.



mHM - the Mesoscale Hydrological Model

Website: https://www.ufz.de/mhm

Repository: https://git.ufz.de/mhm/mhm

Model-Keeper: Stephan Thober, Sebastian Müller


GeoStat Framework
Create your geo-statistical model with Python!

Website: https://geostat-framework.org

Repository: https://github.com/GeoStat-Framework

Model-Keeper: Sebastian Müller

External Drift Kriging in Fortran

Fortran EDK
External Drift Kriging in Fortran supporting NetCDF in- and output.

Repository: https://git.ufz.de/chs/progs/edk_nc

Model-Keeper: Sebastian Müller, Stephan Thober