Hydro-Scientific Software Development



Matthias Kelbling
Matthias Kelbling
Stephan Thober
Stephan Thober
Sebastian Müller
Sebastian Müller


Our main focus is on providing high quality software in cooperation with working groups related to Hydro-Science at the UFZ. This means, we act as Model-Keepers for code already in existence and production and further enable and implement projects in close collaboration with researchers.

You focus on research, we focus on code.



mHM - the Mesoscale Hydrological Model

Website: https://www.ufz.de/mhm

Repository: https://git.ufz.de/mhm/mhm

Model-Keeper: Stephan Thober, Sebastian Müller


GeoStat Framework
Create your geo-statistical model with Python!

Website: https://geostat-framework.org

Repository: https://github.com/GeoStat-Framework

Model-Keeper: Sebastian Müller

External Drift Kriging in Fortran

Fortran EDK
External Drift Kriging in Fortran supporting NetCDF in- and output.

Repository: https://git.ufz.de/chs/progs/edk_nc

Model-Keeper: Sebastian Müller, Stephan Thober