Dr. rer. nat. Aparna Chandrasekar


Aparna Chandrasekar
Scientific Staff

Department of Computational Hydrosystems

Tel: +49 341 6025-1522



Aparna Chandrasekar

Research interests

- Decision Support Tools

- Process-based modelling

- User Engagement



Chandrasekar, A., Binder, M., Liedl, R., & Berendonk, T. (2022). Determining the impact of flow velocities on reactive processes associated with Enterococcus faecalis JH2-2. Water Science and Technology, 85(1), 485-495.


Chandrasekar, A., Binder, M., Liedl, R., & Berendonk, T. U. (2021). Reactive-transport modelling of Enterococcus faecalis JH2-2 passage through water saturated sediment columns. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 413, 125292.

Conference Presentations

Oral Presentations

A. Chandrasekar, D. Kneis, M. Binder, S. Krenek, T.U. Berendonk, R. Liedl, “A combined modelling and experimental approach to study relevant bacterial subsoil processes”, XENOWAC II, Challenges and Solutions related to Xenobiotics and Antimicrobial Resistance in the Framework of Urban Wastewater Reuse: Towards a Blue Circle Society, Limassol, 10-12 October 2018.

Poster Presentations

A. Chandrasekar, T. U. Berendonk, I. Kampouris, D. Cacace, D. Kneis, M. Binder, R. Liedl, “Empirically Evaluate the Impact of Certain Water Quality Parameters on the Fate of Enterococcus faecalis JH2-2 transport in Sandy Sediments”, 11th Micropol and Ecohazard Conference, Seoul, 20- 24 October 2019.

A. Chandrasekar, D. Kneis, R. Liedl, "Modelling subsurface transport of bacteria in the context of wastewater reuse: Hydrodynamic processes", Computational Methods in Water Resources XXII, Bridging gaps between data, models and predictions, Saint-Malo, 3-7 June 2018.

A. Chandrasekar, D. Kneis, R. Liedl, "Modelling the transport of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the subsurface", 26th Meeting of the German Association for Hydrogeology, Bochum, 21-24 March 2018.