Johannes Vogel


Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Department of Computational Hydrosystems

Building 7.1, Room 413
Permoserstr. 15
04318 Leipzig

Poträtfoto Johannes Vogel

I am a PostDoc investigating the drivers of forest mortality in Germany using explainable AI and remote sensing imagery. I am part of the compound weather and climate events group in collaboration with the group on Environment and Earth Sciences at the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (ScaDS.AI) in Leipzig.

Research interests

  • forest mortality
  • remote sensing
  • compound weather and climate events
  • explainable AI

Scientific career

since 2023

PostDoc at UFZ and ScaDS.AI


PostDoc at Freie Universität Berlin and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


PhD student in the DFG - Research Training Group NatRiskChange at the University of Potsdam and the Technical University of Berlin
2015 - 2018
M.Sc. Global change ecology at University of Bayreuth

2012 - 2015

B.Sc. Environmental Science at University of Oldenburg


  • Kemter, M.; Fischer, M.; Luna, L. V.; Schönfeldt, E.; Vogel, J.; Banerjee, A., Korup, O., Thonicke, K. (2021): Cascading hazards in the aftermath of Australia's 2019/2020 Black Summer wildfires. Earth's Future 9 (3).
  • Paton, E.; Vogel, J.; Kluge, B.; Nehls, T. (2021): Ausmaß, Trends und Extrema von Dürren in der Stadt – Extent, trend and extremes of droughts in urban areas. Hydrologie & Wasserbewirtschaftung 65, 5–16.
  • Vogel, J.; Paton, E.; Aich, V.; Bronstert, A. (2021): Increasing compound warm spells and droughts in the Mediterranean Basin. Weather and Climate Extremes 32, 100312.
  • Vogel, J.; Rivoire, P.; Deidda, C.; Rahimi, L.; Sauter, C. A.; Tschumi, E., van der Wiel, K., Zhang, T., Zscheischler, J., (2021): Identifying meteorological drivers of extreme impacts: an application to simulated crop yields. Earth Syst. Dynam. 12 (1), 151–172.